The Sunflower Journal: eBook & Seeds


Written and illustrated by the creators of The Goddess Project; Growing with Intention, The Sunflower Journal takes you through the process of growing sunflowers as a way to set intentions and navigate through the process of manifesting our desires.


In the summer of 2018, Mandy; of the Goddess Project planted 4 sunflowers, and for each seed; she set an intention. Things she truly wanted to manifest into her life. One year later, she's grown over 50 sunflowers, harvested thousands of seeds and manifested every intention she set in 2018. "Growing with Intention: the Sunflower Journal" was created based on her experiences of growing sunflowers.


This journal is more than just a guide to growing your own sun-loving flowers, but also a way to garden with intention and mana.


The seeds included in this kit were from sunflowers grown in the summer of 2018 and 2019. Grown organically with love. You will find the name and story of your seeds in your package. 

Sunflower Types
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    Sunflower Options:
    1. Russian Mammoth - Tall, large bright yellow sunflower. If grown in a garden, it can reach 6-10 feet in growth.

    2.  Chianti - Just like the wine, this flower is deep burgandy and incredibly amazing. She may produce multiple side blooms and is my favorite type of sunflower!

    3. Evening Sun -  multi headed and multi colored sunflower reflecting the colors of a evening sunset. think amber, golden yellow and burnt orange. has a light colored ring around the inner petals and then darkening at the outside of the petals. 

    4.  Autumn Beauty - this flower has a dark inner ring color around its petals and the lightening at the tips of the petals.

    5. Mystery Mix.- A mixutre of the 4 types of sunflowers listed above. 

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