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  • What does Ritual Skincare mean?
    Ritual Skincare are products that are handcraft with natural ingredients to be used in ritual, ceremonial and intentional ways. Though our Temple Tools are made to be used for spiritual purposes, most of our products are gentle enough to be used daily.
  • How our Temple Tools are Made
    We take the curating of our Spiritual Skincare serious. Before we begin to craft anything, cleanse and blessed the space. We light candles and incense. We create a small altar and pray. We play music from powerful Goddesses like; Oshun, Mala Esoteric, Princess Nokia, Sade, Beyonce (duh), Celia Cruz, We watch mystical shows in the background. We do our best to create an full atmospheric experience for the products we are creating. All of our tools are handcrafted in small batches, which allows us to control the energy and intention that is putting into our products. All of our oils are infused with herbs, flowers, and spices that align with the spiritual intention of the product. This allows us to ensure you receive as much plant medicine as possible for your spirit and body. We collect Moon Water monthly to use in all of our floral and spiritual waters. We collect, cleanse, and crush our own eggshells to make Cascarilla. Any other items we may sell but don't make by hand, are always cleansed and prayed over before being packaged.
  • How to care for your new Temple Tools
    Due to the nature of handcrafting our tools with organic and natural ingredients, you want to be mindful of the temperature and location of your Temple Tools. Keep your tools our of direct sunlight (even when charging ) Keep your products in a cool and dry area. Products may vary in consistency and scent. All of our products are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY and are never to be used on genitals.
  • How to use your new Temple Tools
    Each Tool is handcrafted with natural ingredients and elements to support the intention and usage of the product. Upon receiving your new tools, you should have instructions on how to cleanse and attune your new items, just as you would any other new spiritual tool. We encourage you to use your intuition and spirit to connect to your new Tools in a personal way. Remember, your body is a temple, so treat it like one.
  • What to do with empty containers
    Our mission is to be as eco-conscious as possible; with what we can personally invest and provide. We do our very best to use glass over plastic to hold our products. However, plastic or glass; here is a list of ideas for repurposing your empty containers: Refill Options - Instead of buying a brand new product at a small size, you can purchase a "refill bottle" that will give you 2-5 refills in a single bottle. - If you are in the Miami area, we can do a refill exchange where we refill one of your clean empty bottles and you receive a discount. (Coming Spring 2023) Spray Bottles - Add Florida Water (or any spiritual water) to an empty spray bottle to throw in your bag. A helpful tip: Add some Moon water to your spray bottle to dilute and add an extra boost of energy. - Use to mist and water your plants. Jars & Tins -Travel Jar for Shampoo/Conditioner/Coconut oil -Add loose incense + a charcoal tablet for Spiritual Smoke on the go! - Storage for your herbs, flowers + other small cute things - Turn it into a intention container (protection/money/love) Oil Droppers -Melted coconut oil for on-the-go - Craft your own personal oils - Use to store small amounts of our ritual oils in your bottles. Remember to always clean and sanitize your bottles before refilling or reusing them in any way.
  • Are your products Organic?
    Yes and No. All of our ritual skincare is handcrafted in small batches and all of our natural ingredients are organic. This means all of our essential oils, butters, carrier oils, and salts are organic products. A handful of our products are created with perfume oils which cannot be guaranteed as organic.
  • Shipping + Pick Up Info
    Once your order has been confirmed we will begin to process, craft, and package your order. Allow 7-10 days for your order to be processed and packaged. Many of our tools are crafted in small batches and may require additional time to curate. In Person Pick up is available only in the Miami-Dade area. In person pick up allows you to pick up your order from me, this is not a local delivery option. Allow the same 7-10 days for your order to be processed and ready for pick up. In the check out area please select when and where you would like to pick your order. Miami Beach Area At a Goddess Project Co. Event Please send us an email if you have additional questions.
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