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Personalized Services

Sometimes you see something you like, but it's not exactly in the scent you like or with the energetic properties you are looking for. That what Personalize Services is for. It allows you to select specific Temple Tools from the store and personalize them to your needs.  

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Personalize a Tool

Select a Temple Tool and personalize it with your needs. Change the scent, size and ritual purpose.


Special Ocassion

Customize a special gift set or set of items for a special ocassion, bridal party, retreat, conference or other gathering.

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Create a Ritual

Share with me an intention or a spiritual goal you are working on and allow me to curate an assortment of Temple Tools to assist you on your journey.


Event Services

Interested in hosting an event and incorporating Spiritual Skincare and ritual use?

Tell us a little more about yourself and what service you are interested in:

Chooe which service you are interested in:
Thanks for submitting! We will reach out to you in 2-3 days to discuss more of what you are look for and what comes next.
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