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Ritual Skincare and tools for the body and spirit. 


Turn your everyday routines into daily rituals. 


APOTHETONICA is a divine merge of an Apothecary and Botanica. Where you can find ritual skincare products and other spiritual tools for the everyday Goddess. All of our Temple Tools are made in small batches, deeply researched, created with the most intentional and energetic ingredients, and made in ceremony. Our mission is to share our magick and invite you to connect to your divine energy and spirit.

At APOTHETONICA, we consider ourselves Alchemists. Alchemy is an ancient branch of science that incorporates philosophy and metaphysical process in it's theory of transformation and creation of elements. The true skill of an Alchemist is being able to transform and recreate oneself to your highest self. That is what we intend our tools to do for you. 


By taking organic materials in its natural form and transforming them into powerful Spiritual Tools for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Every ingredient we use goes through a transformative process in order to reach its highest energetic level in order to best share those properties through our Temple Tools. 

We hope you enjoy our offerings.

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Temple & Ritual Oils

Organic and lightweight oils for your face, body and spirit.

Wear it on your crown, use it as aromatherapy, or as a moisturizer.

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Botanical + Spiritual Waters

 Purify your space, body, + spirit with our collection of botanical and spiritual waters. Use these waters for your altar, as a hair rinse or as a toner.

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Every batch is made with healing, protective, and connecting intention.

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Every product is curated to nourish your spiritual path,  healing, and connection to your divine spirit.


Our skin & beauty products are handcrafted with organic and natural ingredients.

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Our mission is to create & package our products in the most sustainable way we can.  

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