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Common Scold, laws against Women

Have you ever heard the terms "common scold" ? Well, per Google:

In the criminal common law of England and Wales, a common scold was a type of public nuisance. The term was applied to a woman who caused trouble and who disturbed the peace by arguing and fighting with her neighbors all the time.

Ain't that some bullshit? So if you're bitch ass neighbor didn't like that you laughed at her husbands joke or you asked "too many questions," you could very well find yourself in a brank. You'll have to google that one yourself.

What is extra fucked up is that this is another example of the patriarch along with organized religion dismantling the Goddess. Last month we spoke of the triple Goddess as well as the Fate goddesses. We discussed that in Norse mythology their fate Goddess Skuld, is where we get the word scold from and originally meant a woman gifted in magic spells and curses.

So not only was the Goddess dismantled, they stripe her name of its original meaning and then use it to punish the women it use to honor. This made me think about how these "common laws" in England helped to mold the patriarchal culture in this country. Yes, there are A LOT of variables to the patriarch and it would be ridiculous if not ignorant, to say these laws is where it all originated, but there is no doubt that they assisted in the perception and culture of how we treat and have treated women in this country. Lets not forget that it was only a few decades ago women were put into psychiatric homes due to "hysteria" which was once believed was a disorder women had due to.... being a woman. Doctors would remove their uterus and ovaries in hope they would be "cured" of their troubles. You know this procedure was a hysterectomy. Hysterectomies are no longer performed due to that reason,, but that does not erase the history.

All of this stems from a Facebook memory from 2 years ago, of an article II read and shared titled " How pop culture tells women to shut up" so click here to real the full article.

WARNING: May cause hysteria. (rolls eyes).


Written by: Amanda Sanchez

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