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INANNA: The Great Goddess

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

THE DESCENT OF INANNA tells the story of the Goddess’ journey to the Underworld. Before the story of Persephone and 2,000 years before Jesus' resurrection; it was Inanna, who ventured to the underworld alone, died, and was reborn 3 days later. Who’s journey would represent the changing of the season and the harvest.

As she prepares herself for her journey, Inanna takes the Holy Me (holy godly powers) and adorns herself with them. Just as any hero takes talismans and weapons to ensure success, Inanna adorns herself with the seven holy me in preparation for her travels. Her descent represents the journey one must take, alone, into the unknown, in order to be reborn and ascend.

The first written record of The Hero’s Journey is The Journey of the Goddess.

Inspired by both the Sumerian and Akkadian versions of Inanna-Ishtar’s descent, I have created a modern take on the Seven Holy Me. A collection of Seven powerful adornment pieces to be worn everyday or on special occasion; to empower the Goddess of today.

Each adornment represents 1 of the 7 Holy Me that Inanna-Ishtar adorns herself with before her descending to the Underworld. Every piece is named after the Goddess’ many titles and is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated Ritual Card. Acquire all 7 adornment pieces in the collection and have the completed set Goddess Ritual Cards.

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