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The answers are in your hands

I stumbled upon a post on Tumblr about palmistry the other day and it spark an immense interest in me. I mean, i've always known about palmistry but never took the time and energy to read more about it. The post was by @everthing-wiccan, Tumblr is my other cyber-community space where I tune into my inner bruja more. The post is a simplified version of palmistry and it helps you identify the main creases on your palm.

Then after doing some more digging, I found this amazing guide on Medium. Palmistry, which is actually called chiromancy, is an form/art of divination. There is something very beautiful and mystical about this form of mana because it is something that you can see right there on your hands. Your hands not only help fundamental and survival tasks, they also have shifting maps the can foretell your future and tell you about your past.

Check out this thorough but fascinating guide Nora Puell put together for the baby/new psychics out here.

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