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Lilith: Goddess of the Month

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Name: Lilith

Origins: Judeo-Christian

We Love Lilith. For us, she is the epitome of being a Bad ass Bitch. It’s interesting that whenever she is brought up, people may know her as an evil demon but when asked WHY, most can’t tell you why they “know” what they think they know about her. You see, Lilith was not a demon but she was demonized.

Lilith is present in many mythological stories, like the Hittites (modern day Turkey), Israelite's, Greeks, and the Egyptians. She was said to have been wandering the earth for 4,000 years. It is in the Middle Ages she reappears in Jewish mythology and that is when shit hits the fan. Like the pretty new girl in high school, the rumors have been flying ever since Lilith left the garden. We are here to set those rumors straight. So allow us to reintroduced

you to Lilith, Adam's first wife.

The Story

The Rumors. She is a sex addict, sperm stealing, baby eating demon. Everyone’s favorite kind of woman right? Represented as a thief of newborns, religion demonized her and mostly portrayed her as dark and evil. With an uncontrolled sexuality, she is said to fertilize herself with male sperm to give birth to other demons.

His Story. Adam was tired of copulating with animals and asked God for a mate. So God created Lilith out of dirt like Adam, but he didn't use all the same ingredients. Adam and Lilith never found peace together; when he had wished to lie with her, she was offended at the recumbent position he demanded. 'Why must I lie beneath you?' she asked. 'I also was made from dust, and am therefore your equal.' Because Adam tried to compel her obedience by force, Lilith, in a rage, uttered the magic name of God, rose into the air and left him. After Lilith went rogue, God created Eve from Adam’s rib, to forever be a thorn in his side. The Christian version of the Bible has since eradicated her. There really wasn’t much space for a woman who didn’t give a fuck what man or God wanted her to do but that hasn't changed the rumors that were attached to her name.

Her Story. What had happened was...Adam was being controlling and refused to switch it up in the bedroom. Lilith wasn't having it and they began to argue. Lilith was like "fuck you, fuck the garden and fuck your daddy" chucked the deuces and rode out the garden..... boy bye! God even sent 3 angels after to her and convince her (with God's threats) to head back to the Garden and she was like nah, I'm good.

Our Inner Lilith. Lilith is a Dark Goddess but that doesn’t equate to her being mean, evil or harmful. It is those who are not connected to their dark side who are unable to manage it the most. Lilith can help us with understanding our sexuality, our sexual confidence, freedom, assertiveness, and understanding of our own darkness.

How can you connect to your inner Lilith? Have you ever heard of your Lilith Dark Moon Sign? There is an asteroid named after our beloved rebel Goddess and by knowing where the Asteroid was the day you were born; you are able to find your Dark Moon Sign. By being connected and aware of our dark sexuality we have a path to connect to our sexual energy. It is through darkness that we can truly bring Light into our life because light only illuminates what we already know.

What's you Lilith Dark Moon Sign? And what does it describe about your dark and sexual characteristics? Once you have calculated your Lilith Dark Moon Sign, (it is not the same as your Sun Sign) check out this page for further insight.


Lilith, Eve’s Spirit Guide

Lilith was like Eve's spirit guide whispering in her ear and pushing her to greatness. That is why she offered her the apple. She knew who Adam was, she was like girl…. Let me make you privy to some knowledge. Eat this apple and enlighten yo self. Some Medieval stories liken Lilith to the Serpent that tempted Eve, hence the association.

“She gave the food of enlightenment to the first man.” and God punished eve with a menstrual cycle and painful childbirth…”

The Curse. Menstrual Blood is sacred AF. Something that has been sacred for centuries and across cultures was suddenly turned into something negative and unfortunate. God didn't curse Eve, she merely awakened to the life giving force within herself. The the knowledge (patriarchal) God wanted hidden, the knowledge Lilith wanted her to be awakened to and the knowledge she ultimately gained when she bit the fruit.

The idea that God "punished" Eve with childbirth seems pretty fucking ridiculous to us. Women are life givers, we have the ability to give birth to a life and continue living! (all blessings willing). It is called " the gift of life". Every month our body prepares us to the level of Godliness to deliver this exact gift. This ain't no MF curse! It's the highest blessing bestowed on any creature.

Sacred Symbols

The Serpent. Across time and cultures, the Serpent is one of the oldest symbols of femininity and eternal life. The nature of a snake shedding it’s skin symbolized immortality and renewal and because women can bear children and continue to bead children one after the other, both serpent and women together were a sacred representation of power, wisdom life and rebirth.

The Tree of Life. Goes hand in hand with the symbolism of the Apple. The tree of life is mentioned in various world myths including the story of Mother Hera where she used to feed the Gods apples that came from this tree located in " the garden of paradise". The tree of life is also known to be involved with the creation of the universe, the origin of humanity, and the divine gifts of nourishment and civilized skills.

The Apple. Apples are connected to Goddess Worship. They are present in many different European mythologies and they all relate to a goddess giving another entity the fruit for rebirth, immortality or death. "The fruit also holds the symbol of the pentacle in its core when it is transversely cut. At Gypsies weddings it is customary for the bride and groom to cut the apple in this form and feed it to one another before and after sex. This custom suggests why Eve shared the apple with Adam. " - Excerpt from Barbra G Walker's "Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects.

Menstrual Blood. Again… Menstrual blood is truly sacred. It is impossible to explore the Divine Feminine without encountering the empowering, revered and Magickal concepts and beliefs behind menstrual blood. Blood itself is considered the primary symbol of life force. It is the ultimate magic power item within spell work. In some cultures, women were isolated during their moon cycle because the posed a threat of power in the community. Menstrual blood is equivalent to Earth’s Iron; making iron the menstrual blood of our planet. We will be talking about its powerful and Mana-ful properties of the Menstrual Blood. We will be talking about its powerful and Mana-ful properties of the Menstrual Blood in a future post, so stay tuned!

A Goddess by any other name is still a Goddess.

Cultures from all over the world have honored the Serpent and the Dark Goddess. Here are a few Goddesses from around the world who mirror the path or story of our girl Lilith.

Lamia is a Greek Mythical creature that was half woman and half serpent. Lilith was identified with the Greek Lamia, a Libyan Queen.The story is, the Goddess Hera robbed the Queen of her children when she found out that Zeus fancied her. Well Lamia took revenge by robbing other women of their children.

Kadru was the Hindu Goddess Mother of Serpents and the Nagas.

The Nagas. Sacred mythical Serpents that were half human and half serpent. They became immortal when Kadru feed them her divine lunar blood.


Food for thought

Where did life come from prior to Eve being “cursed” ?

Was the concept of God creating all life passed on to Eve to bear the children of the world?

Or was she awakened to the knowledge that SHE is the bearer of life? And along with that the knowledge of menstrual blood and pain?

Why do you think menstrual blood was once perceived sacred?

Sources for more info <3

The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. By Barbra G Walker

The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects By Barbra G Walker


Written By: The Sisters of the Goddess Project

Franchesca De La Cruz

Amanda Sanchez

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