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Medusa: Snake Hair and Death Glare.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Perseus by Benvenuto_Cellin

What is up with the Greeks turning Women into Serpents out of anger?

In our blog" Lilith, Goddess of the Month", we briefly talked about Lamia. The Libyan Queen who was transformed into a serpentine creature by Hera (wife of Zeus), after she found out Zeus was getting it on with the Queen. Not only did Hera transform her into a half woman, half snake creature; she also killed all of Lamia's children.

Lamia isn't the only victim of the Greek Gods punishing women with serpent features. One of the most infamous stories is our favorite snake haired, mean mugging Greek Woman...


But do you truly know the story of Medusa? Read the article by Broadly to learn about the origin of the woman who could turn you to stone with a single glance.

We'd like that super power by the way!

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