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Acts of Service: Love Language for Self Love

How are you of service to yourself? If you don't take care of yourself, who will? If you don't discover your preferences, then how will you be able to communicate them to the world?

We like to think of acts of service as actions you would like performed for you, actions you would perform for someone else, and actions that you need to do for your future yourself.

Do something nice for yourself on purpose. Think of the random nice things you have done for others and do them for yourself. Think of ways you can be of service to yourself, your body, your mind, and spirit. Sometimes the best way you can be of service to yourself, is by doing the things future you will be grateful for.

Make your bed. Making your bed may seem trivial, but there is something to making it part of your morning routine. It plants the seed in your mind that "bedtime" is over and the day has begun. Especially in a time where we are working from home more and more, it is a great way to solidify your transition from bed to the home office.

Do your laundry. (Bonus points if you put your clothes away on the same day!). We know, it is much easier said than done. However, think of how nice it will be to find your clean underwear in your dresser, versus the bottom of the hamper of clean clothes. Why does our underwear ALWAYS end up at the bottom of the hamper anyway? ugh...

Cook your favorite meal. There is something special about cooking yourself a meal just for yourself to enjoy. Give yourself the love you normally would give to a friend or a partner. If you don't like to cook that's fine, order your favorite takeout. or from that place you have been meaning to try. Order an entree and dessert. What is dinner without dessert?

Do the Thing. That thing you just thought of when you read the sentence, that thing. The thing you've been itching to explore, expand, or share. Do it.

Show up for yourself. The greatest thing you can do for yourself is to show up for yourself. What does that look like? It looks like doing the things future you will be thankful for. Make that doctors appointment, go for that walk/run/bike ride. Enroll in that course. Follow through with the idea. Stick it out when it gets tough. Talk to yourself with kind and motivational words. Finish what you started. For some of us, showing up for others is easy, being a good friend is easy. Being a supportive family member is easy. But being all those things to ourselves can be difficult. You of all people deserve your own support, so show up for yourself.

Stretch daily. You are as young as your spine. This will benefit you for years to come. There is no need to wake up with back pain or tight hips. Take 10 minutes out of your day to stretch. Do it in the morning, in the evening, split it up half and half, the more often the better honestly! Just be sure to move and stretch daily. There are tons of sources out there for quick stretches in case you need some inspiration. Just be sure to stretch it out daily! Click the link for some insight from That Ankh Life.

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