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Receiving Gifts - Love Language for Self Love

In the words of Donna Meagle:

Gifts don't always have to be grand. There are tons of ways to treat yourself without breaking the bank or even spending a dollar.

Eat Dessert first. That's it. That's the self-love tip.

Buy a new plant. If you haven't jumped on the plant game yet, now is the time! There are plenty of plants out there that need a home and are low maintenance for those who don't have a green thumb. When in doubt, a snake plant is a great go-to starter plant friend. You actually would have to work to kill this plant. Or you can always buy yourself some flowers and call it a day :) Just get some greenery up in your home.

Gift yourself something you want. It can be a $5 candle or a $50 perfume. Whatever your wallet can handle, buy yourself something. Gifting yourself isn't about materialism. There is a sense of pride, joy, happiness that comes with receiving a gift. We have all felt it. There is something exceptionally special about being able to give yourself something you want. When you look at it, you know it is was you who bought it for yourself. Love yourself enough to give you the things you want. It makes it easier for the universe to understand your language and provide more opportunities in your life to receive it.

Run yourself a beautiful bath or take a candlelit shower. The next time you bathe, whether it be by tub or shower, make it intentional. Light some candles, play some music, light an incense. Make it an experience to enjoy. We all bathe (right?!), so it is a great time to curate that time as something intentional and special. Use a special soap, a body oil, whatever suits you. Check out our shop Apothetonica, for Organic and Vegan ritual body products.

Forgiveness. One of the best gifts is forgiveness. We have seen it said many times that forgiveness is for us, not the other person. So when we say forgiveness, this can be forgiving someone that has hurt you that way YOU can move on. This can always be forgiving yourself. We all have burdens, regrets, or experiences that we hold about and against ourselves. Things that we need to forgive ourselves for. We are allowed to make mistakes. We are allowed to have done something that was the best

Go to bed early, sleep in, or take a nap. Sleep is a gift. Give yourself a little extra. We could share a bunch of science shit that tells you about the importance of sleep and blah blah. But why? You like it, your body likes, who doesn't like more sleep? Get in those extra Zzz where they fit in. Even something as little as a 20-30 minute nap can reboot you for the day. Now, go find a safe, dark, cool, and comfortable location and get in that extra Zzzz!

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