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Goddess on a Budget : 5 Free and Simple Self-Care Rituals for the Everyday Goddess

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

So, firsts thing first...

Energy is free.

That force within and all around us that creates vibrations, frequencies, mana, magick, consciousness... whatever you want to call it, this energy is always present. You don’t have to buy it, you just gotta tune into into it. This is the main ingredient to any kind of ritual, meditation, ceremony, spell or any sacred act... This is our main ingredient and we all got it in us.

Understanding and accepting that you are a divine being that holds this energy, is the spark that lights your power to create, to heal, and to connect.

Use the Energy Available on Your Finger Tips

You can connect to this energy mentioned above through meditation, breathing, and masturbation.

Yes, masturbation can be a form of meditation and it works wonders! It’s great for releasing stress, boosting creativity, and with the right intention; manifesting divine awareness. Which is also called tantric masturbation.

The trick to masturbating as a form of a self-care ritual is to do it with an intention and treat it as a sacred act; something intimate and personal to you. You can create a unique ritual with any elements that are important to you. For example, my ritual consists of candles, bowls of water, music, and plants.


I light some tea candles, place 3 bowls of water around the room, bring in some of my plant sisters in the room (my potted plants that I have in my home), and play some meditative drums in the background. Element fire symbolizes energy itself and generates creativity and strength. With the energy of water comes constant movement and connection to emotions. The plants symbolize both element Earth and element air. They help with connecting to our source; our planet’s energy.

Detox Bath or Shower Using What you Already Have at Home

You'd be surprised by the amount of stuff you may already have to create spells, rituals, potions, salves, baths, teas....

Check your spice cabinet. Some of ya’ll may have a whole apothecary in there. If it comes from nature, it hold some form of energy and power. Your herbs and spices are magical elements, use them! Here’s a short list from by witch casket .

•Bay Leaves –Psychic Powers, Healing, Protection, Purification

•Carrot – Fertility and Sex Drive

•Camomile – Love, Sleep, Money,

•Chili Pepper – Love, Fidelity and Hex Breaking

•Cumin – Protection, Fidelity and Exorcism.

•Fennel – Protection and Healing

•Ginger – Love, Money and Success

•Grass – Psychic Powers and Protection.

•Lavender – Love, Sleep, Purification, Peace and Happiness.

•Lettuce – Chastity, Sleep, Divination and Love

•Lime – Healing, Protection and Love

•Nettle – Banish negativity and unwanted spirits

•Parsley –protects against drunkenness and increases strength, vitality and passion

•Thyme – Strength and Courage

•Walnut – Abundance


For a detox bath use some sliced limes or lemons, chamomile (even if it’s in tea form), sliced ginger, mint leaves, and few drops of apple cider vinegar. You can add, remove or incorporate other ingredients if necessary. If you don’t have a bath make a tea with the ingredients and pour it over yourself in the shower once it cools down.

Make Some Full Moon Water

Use the energy of the full moon to connect to your divine feminine energy. The moon is connected to us in the most magical ways; she’s our cycle, our phases, the energy that pulls and pushes forces of nature (literally).

Create a monthly ritual of collecting moon water and use this water as you please. You can use it as blessing water and sprinkle it around your house, on alter, on your plants. You can use it to clean your stones and crystal and you can drink it.


I put filtered or distilled water in a mason jar (making sure it’s a glass container because water likes to be in organic elements). I place the water under the full moon light and charge it overnight. You can charge it for a few hours of you can’t let it charge overnight, at least 3 hours so it soaks up enough moonlight. I light a tea candle and place my selenite crystals around the open lid jar. I place my hand over the water and bless it with health, spiritual growth, and understanding. These are my personal intention but you can personalize your moon water however you like. In the morning, after it’s charged up, bless it once more and thank the moon for the energy it has provided you. Place it in your fridge and make sure it’s sealed so the water does not absorb any particles from the fridge. You can get so creative with the water! Use it for baths/ showers just mentioned above, for cooking or making tea… You can even take a sip of it every morning (for the whole month) to start the day with the moon’s energy.

Dance it Out with Some Sage

Move the energy in your body and in your home with dancing. I like to dance around my apartment with sage or palo santo. If there’s nothing to burn, there’s always music. I put on my favorite playlist on and just dance. I use my body to move the apartment’s energy around and allow the music to flow through me. With my eyes closed, I surrender to ridiculous dance movements and eventually break a sweat. The art of dancing an ancient act that you can find in every culture and so many religions.

In Afro-caribbean religions, dancing is a sacred act that connects you to spirit and deities. In most indigenous and native tribes, dance is it’s own ritual and plays a significant role on many ceremonies. Not only does it connect you spiritually, it’s also a way to release emotion and shake negative energy off. It’s the way we can exercise our internal organs and our chakras.

Personally the best thing about it for me is that I’m working out my body! The other great thing about it, is that it’s in the privacy of my own home. I turned my random dancing into a healing ritual and it has had a very positive impact on my body and mind. Try it before the gym, or before yoga to warm up your body and get your heart rate vibing. I assure you, your workout will feel so much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Write Yourself a Love Letter

Why? Because you have to learn how you love yourself before you love anyone else. Even if you’re not single and dating someone. You can still learn how to love yourself with a significant other.

Start writing on a loose piece of paper as if you’re writing to someone you really care about. What would you want to tell this person? How would you want to make them fool amazing and beautiful? What would you tell your teenager self?

Write about your accomplishments, your gratitude, your experiences, your growth, your downs, and your falls. Write all that shit down and tell yourself that you’ve made it this far and that counts for something. I like writing myself these letters because I feel grounded afterwards. I feel more secure and confident about my goals and achievements. Rereading them months to years later is insightful and rewarding.

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