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Words of Affirmation: Love Languages for Self Love

We are all pretty familiar with the book "The 5 Love Languages" written by Gary Chapman. It discusses the different ways partners give and receive love. This 28-year-old book has taken a life of its own that has *literally* created a language and open dialogue to becoming aware of how we communicate and express LOVE.

Though this book was created with romantic love in mind, these 5 love languages can easily be translated into the language of self-love.

Words of Affirmation

Sticks and stones might break my bones but words pack a punch.

Did you know that we have the power to change the molecular structure of water just with our words? In the 90s, Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted a series of experiments on the effects that words, music, and prayer had on the water. Water that was played classical music or spoken positive words towards, formed beautiful symmetrical snowflake crystalline structures when frozen. ⁠ The glasses of water that were spoken to with negative words were ugly as fuck. They are actually kinda scary to see. ⁠

Words are so important. And not just words we use to speak to others, but the words we use to speak to ourselves, the words in our music, the words in the shows we watch, in the pages we follow, and in the books we read. Generally speaking, the love language “words of affirmation” usually centers around the concept of words towards your partner. We are going to focus on the relationship you have with words and how to use them to deepen the love you have for yourself.

How to put it into Practice:

Practice positive self talk. Positive self-talk is every word and thought you have towards yourself. In the Yoga philosophy, there is an important practice called ahimsa; which translates to nonviolence. The concept is to be nonviolent, in your actions, your thoughts, and your words. Towards others and yourself. From that first-morning pep talk to your end of the night wind-down thoughts. The first and last person you talk to is yourself. So be kind. Observe how you speak to yourself. When you are being hard on yourself ask: would I say this to someone love? And if the answer is no (which it usually is) then don’t say it to yourself. Be honest, hold yourself accountable, and be kind to yourself.

Write a love letter to yourself. That’s right, a love letter. Time to list all the amazing things about yourself and all the things that make you lovable. You might be surprised by how amazing you think you are… and guess what? You are.

Read something uplifting or inspiring. My all-time favorite and most inspiring and uplifting book it the Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo. I read it literally once a year. It is about a boy following his dream, but it is so, so much more than that. It has the same effect on just about every person who reads it. If you haven't, GO READ IT NOW. If you have, GO READ IT AGAIN.

when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” - The Alchemist.

Create personal affirmations and use them. Write, read, repeat. Post it are great for this! Put it on your bathroom mirror, put it in your wallet, put it on your altar, inside a drawer in your work desk. In a random place to joyfully find later. Put them anywhere and everywhere. The more you see, the more you implant them into your subconscious.

I AM. Is one of the most powerful affirmations, period. Anything and everything that comes after only elevates and intensifies that power.

Journal. Create a gratitude journal. Every day at the end of your day, write 3 things you are grateful for. Do not limit your gratitude to achievements or material things. Gratitude can be in the breeze of a beautiful autumn day or a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. when we can see gifts in the ordinary it is easier to feel gratitude. every day.

Pray. The power of prayer is real. Take time during your day to speak to that Divine energy upstairs. Whatever term you use: Goddess - God -- the Light -- the Divine - Spirit -- Universe. Speak to it. Commune, communicate, rant, and rave. Just speak. It is always listening. And if you read The Alchemist, then you already know - the more you speak to the universe, the more it speaks back.

Stay Posted as we dive into the other four Love Languages throughout the month of October 2020.

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