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Botanical Tealights | Candles

Botanical Tealights | Candles


These tiny tealights are packed with florals, love, and premium fragrance oils.  These little beauties are perfect to light up your home or turn any space into a sacred one. 


Select your scent below. 



Pack of 6 Botanical infused tealight candles.


    These tealight candles dispense a light fragrance and are a perfect addition to spellwork or enhancing the vibe of your home. Always place candles on or in a fire-safe container.

    • During meditation practice.
    • Incorporate into your cleansing ritual.
    • Light a couple and take a candlelight shower.
    • Create a beautiful ambiance in your home.

    These candles are dressed with an assortment of ingredients such as fragrance oils, essential oils, fresh and dried flowers, dried herbs, powder incense, and glitter. 


    All ingredients are organic and made with Love, Intention, and Mana.

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