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REFELCT + PROTECT | Spiritual Water

REFELCT + PROTECT | Spiritual Water


REFLECT + PROTECT is a powerful mixture curated to reflect negativity and create a protective barrier over everything it touches. Rub on items such as luggage, wallet, car keys and anything else that comes in contact with outside energy.



5.5 oz glass bottle.


The Set Includes: 

1 - DURGA Spiritual Water 

1 - AGUA DE AZAHAR Spiritual Water

1 - REFLECT + PROTECT Spiritual Water 


    Add a few drops to your hands, rub, inhale + motion over body to bless + protect your Temple from the Evil Eye. 

    Add to ritual baths, floor washes, + spiritual tools. Use during meditation and daily protection.

    Remember to attune your ritual tools to your specific needs when you recieve them. 

    Spiritual Waters are for External Use ONLY.


    All of our Spiritual Waters are created during the Full Moon phase and in small batches. An alchemical process that includes  the slow infusion of sacred and organic, herbs, flowers, seeds, + spices under the Full Moon. A combination of in house flower waters, essential oil blends, witch hazel,  + Bay Rum Alcoholado. Herbs, spices, + essential oils are selected based on their spiritual and medicinal properties for its intended ritual use.

    All ingredients are organic, made in small batches, cleansed, charged, and prayed over.

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