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La Femme Divine | Ritual Oil

La Femme Divine | Ritual Oil


La Femme Divine is an awakening and empowering ritual oil. It is curated to awaken the divine energy within.  Every Woman is Divine, sometimes she just needs a little reminder.


She is curated with delicate notes of Amber + Vanilla Almond and the perfect addition to your daily moisturizing ritual. The scent is soft so you can mix and match or layer her with a cream and oil to create a deeper aroma. 





    Attune your oil by sharing your intentions and desire in the form of a small prayer.


    • Moisturize your temple + crown
    • Divine Feminine Empowerment RitualOil 
    • Use while performing self-love or romantic love ritual
    • To dress candles
    • Add to bathwater
    • During meditation
    • Anoint a  spiritual tool. 

    Always test a small area on your skin to make sure you don't have any allergies. For external use only


    A blend of oils infused with herbs, spices, and flowers. Sweet notes of   amber and vanilla, adorned with moon charged tiger's eye gemstones.

    Ingredients: Apricot seed oil, Almond Oil &  Essential Oils. 

    All ingredients are organic and made with Love, Intention, and Mana. 

  • Refill Option

    Refill your  roll on oil bottle with our 1 oz refillable option. This oil is curated as a perfume oil, in order to refill your roll on bottle.  This means that the scent is strong and there is a higher level of a essential oil, to carrier oil ratio. This should oil should NOT be used as a body oil. This only be applied as a perfume oil, or to refill your roll on oil. 


    1 oz bottle will provide aprox 3 refills. 

  • Size Descriptions

    •  Anointing Oil: Our anointing oils are in a 10ml roll on bottle to allow you to bring the sacred and spiritual anywhere you go. They are high in concentration with essential oils. Can be used as a perfume.
    • Ritual Oil: Our ritual oils are intended to be used in ceremony and ritual. Apply to They are created with an infusion of herbs, flowers, and spices.
    • Temple Oil: Our temple oil comes in a 4 oz bottle and made to be used on your Temple. Made with lightweight oils such as grapeseed, apricot seed oil and almond oil. Infused with the same aroma and herbs. Apply to your body liberally.
    • Refill Oil: The Refill oil is an 1 oz bottle with dropper to refill your anointing oil roll on. The bottle provides approx. 3-4 refills


    All of our oils are for external use only. Do not ingest. Do not apply to genitals.


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