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Eternal Beauty | Earrings

Eternal Beauty | Earrings


 The adornment earrings were created to empower the wear to feel beautiful and remind her that beauty does not fade as she moves through the different phases of life.  These delicate earrings are made with Indian Agate, natural freshwater pearls and African cowrie shells, all which honor Divine Feminine.


Freshwater Pearls represents innocence and faith. They can be used to tap into your inner wisdom, and nurture self love. They are associated with the Goddess Aphrodite, Yemaya, Lakshmi, and many other Goddesses. Pearls are the birthstone of those born in June. Pearls were once said to have been formed by the merging of water and the moonlight.


Cowrie Shells are one of the oldest representations of prosperity, wealth, good luck and protection. They are one of the first and symbols of currency used in the world. It is also one of the oldest symbols of femininity, fertility, and the yoni. In India, cowrie shells are used to protect one from the evil eye.


Indian Agate is known as the stone of eternity. It provides patience and serenity to those wo wear the sacred stone.  Indian Agate provides peace and harmony with the process of growing older. It helps you seek and see inner beauty and wisdom.  This is a holy gemstone in India. The stone itself is said to have mystical powers, which is why it is the stone of Rishis ( Sages). Primarily used during meditation and spiritual practices. Assists in unblocking the Chakras.


Earrings comes in multiple color options, select yours below. 




  • Care for Your Adornments

    Your adornments are water resistant. This means you can get them wet without ruin, however we still advise that you remove your adornments before showerings, washings your hands or going swimming. Remove when applying lotion and oils to the Temple. This gives your Goddess Adornment much longer life span.

  • Adornment Materials

    18k gold plated brass beads and wire, hypo allergenic gold plated earring hooks, natural freshwater pearls, natural indian agate stones, and natural cowrie shells imported from Africa.

    Handmade Jewelry. Please keep in mind that color variation of crystals and stones may vary.

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