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Pearl Crown

Pearl Crown


The pearl crowns are hand weaved with 14k gold plated brass wire with natural freshwater pearls.  This beautiful lightweight crown is the perfect adornment for your crown for any occasion. 


Freshwater Pearls represent innocence and faith. They can be used to tap into your inner wisdom, and nurture self love. They are associated with the Goddess Aphrodite, Yemaya, Lakshmi, and many other Goddesses. Pearls are the birthstone of those born in June. Pearls were once said to have been formed by the merging of water and the moonlight. 


Each crown is hand made with each pearl being wired individually to keep a secure and long-lasting hold.


    Your adornments are water resistant. This means you can get them wet without ruin, however we still advise that you remove your adornments before showerings, washing your hands or going swimming. Remove when applying lotion and oils to the Temple. This gives your Goddess Adornment a much longer life span.


    14k gold plated brass wire and real freshwater pearls.

    Handmade Jewelry. 

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