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Come Man Come | Body Chain

Come Man Come | Body Chain


INANNA  is a limited edition collection.


Mythology: At the 4th gate, Inanna and Ishtar both give up an adornment that sits upon her chest. For Inanna, it is a breastplate called “Come Man Come”. For Ishtar, it is her breast pins that are removed. 

In Inanna’s story, her breastplate engraved with the words “Come Man Come” can have many interpretations. It can be a seductive invitation or a violent challenge. She is a Goddess of Pleasure and Pain, Love and War. This beautiful body chain is meant to sit right at the start of your breast line and wraps around your neck and lower bosom area.



Each adornment represents 1 of the 7 Holy Me that Inanna-Ishtar adorns herself with before her descending to the Underworld. Every piece is named after the Goddess’ many titles. Each adornment is accompanied with a beautifully illustrated card with an ancient hymn to the goddess and a velvet jewelry pouch for safe keeping.


Acquire all 7 adornment pieces in the collection and have the completed set Goddess Ritual Cards. This piece is custom made to order.


    Your adornments are gold plated and intended to have a long life with the proper care. You can get them wet without ruin, however we always advise that you remove your adornments before sleeping, showerings, washing your hands, or going swimming.

    Remove when applying lotion and oils to the Temple. This gives your Goddess Adornment a much longer life span.


     Lapis Lazuli beads, White Jade beads, 14k gold plated chain, and clasps.

    This piece is made to order by hand. Please allow 7-10 business days for creation from time of order. 

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