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Botanical Water Bundle

Botanical Water Bundle


Why select one botanical water when you can try them all?! This bundle includes one of each of our botanical waters: Jasmine, Rose & Lavender in their 4 oz bottle. 


It is said that when the Goddess Aphrodite was born, she was put into a beautiful dress, adorned in gorgeous jewelry, and sprayed with enchanting perfume all before being presented to the Gods.


That story is the inspiration behind our botanical waters. A delicate natural fragrance for the everyday Goddess. 


Jasmine - Jasmine is used in dreamwork and divination. To promote good luck, clear vision, and lasting love. The energy of Jasmine is Feminine and is represented by the Moon.


Rose - known as "The Queen of Flowers" and is most commonly used to attract love, beauty and fertility. Roses are connected to the planet Venus, the Goddess Aphrodite, and divine feminine energy.


Lavender  - Often  used to ward off negative energy and misfortune. The sweet and warm scent of lavender promotes peace and calm within the mind and body. Lavender is associated with the planet mercury and the Crown Chakra. Spray on your bed sheets and pillows before bed for a calm and relaxing aroma.


    Botanical Water has multiple uses:

    • A light perfume.
    • Use to cleanse and bless your altar.
    • Face toner for after you wash your face.
    • Use during divination or meditation practice.
    • Spray on your pillows to enhance dream work.
    • Cleanse your space, energy, and body with your botanical water.

    Our Botanical Waters are unique because we take the long and natural road. We seep organic flowers in charged full moon water for 3 hours.

    Ingredients: Moon charged filtered water, organic flowers, witch hazel &  essential oils.  All ingredients used are organic and all products are made in small batches, with Love & Intention. 


    Always test a small area on your skin to make sure you don't have any allergies. For external use only. 

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