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The Sunflower Journal & Grow Kit

The Sunflower Journal & Grow Kit

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Written and illustrated by the creators of The Goddess Project; Growing with Intention, The Sunflower Journal takes you through the process of growing sunflowers as a way to set intentions and navigate through the process of manifesting our desires.


In the summer of 2018, I planted 4 sunflowers, and for each seed; I set an intention. Things I truly wanted to manifest into my life. 3 years later, she's grown over 200 sunflowers, harvested thousands of seeds, and manifested every intention she set in 2018. "Growing with Intention: the Sunflower Journal" was created based on her experiences of growing sunflowers.


The seeds included in this kit were from sunflowers grown in the summer of 2021 at my family home in Virgina. Grown organically with love. 

The seeds included in this kit were from sunflowers grown in the summer of 2021. Grown organically with love. You will find the name and story of your seeds in your package. 


    Enjoy this growing kit in the way it was intended, complete with the growing journal and colored pencils.  

    Growing Kit Contents:

    • seeds from homegrown sunflowers 
    • organic potting soil 
    • 3 biodegradable peat pots
    • 12 pack colored pencils
    • Growing with Intention: The Sunflower Journal

    This book is printed in small batches and may require extra processing time in order to be sent to you. In that case, we will provide a link to download the eBook version so you may start your sunflower journey as you wait for your book to be mailed to you. 

    Please allow 24-48 hours for the journal to make it to your mailbox. We will send you a follow-up email to confirm that you have received it successfully.

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